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The 6-5 Blackjack Creates Controversy in Vegas

The 6-5 odd is a controversy rather than a welcome change in the Las Vegas gambling scene. Instead of creating better and favorable odds for the player, it caters more to the casino owner's profitability and business money innovations. The 6-5 odds could be the biggest gambling trend today, however, experts who study gaming issues think that it is not a good idea because everybody knows blackjack is a 3-2 pay. Other gambling experts say the change in odds is overwhelming that the 6-5 game should not be called blackjack and should be avoided.

According to a gambling author, everyone should avoid the (6-5) game because the game is not blackjack anymore. In a natural blackjack game, players need to pay 3-2 to win money, however, 6-5 is not doing so. It destroys the basic strategy of the game we used to know as blackjack. The 6-5 game should have another name because it does not have the element and characteristics of a blackjack game. The player looses money more quickly than in any other game. This is more favorable to the casino owners than the players. The 6-5 games is a deception to the players as it gives more profit to the casinos. It's the business that matters most, and not the welfare of the players.

Every serious player should have a good knowledge on how to play the traditional 3-2 Blackjack because it can be very profitable when you are able to hit a game. Traditional blackjack is able to lure gamblers because of its profitability. That is why it is one of the most popular games in Las Vegas. However, the recent trend is opposing an opposition to the player's profitability and probability of winning.

The Gaming Control Board and the Gaming Commission of Las Vegas already received a plea on March 28 to require casinos to post a very clear and visible sign that says Short Pay Table, but the plea was rejected. According to the Gaming Control Board's chief of enforcement Keith Copher, the 6-5 game falls within the guidelines of acceptable games.

Today, there are 159 blackjack tables with the 6-5 odds at 24 casinos in Las Vegas, and it continues to grow inevitably. Casinos and the gaming authorities may have a mutual interests for allowing the 6-5, whatever it is, it's the players that lose.


Tuesday, August 01 , 2006
Emma Green