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GSN Answers UBT Suit

As the airing of the Ultimate Blackjack Tour (UBT) is nearing, the entertainment company that comes under the name of the show, and the Game Show Network (GSN) are in dispute. The show was booked to start on September 16 for a Saturday afternoon network show under a two-season deal with CBS Sports.

A few days ago the UBT filed a suit in Los Angeles Superior Court charging GSN with breach of an "implied contract," breach of confidence, unfair competition and unjust enrichment, thus, seeking permanent injunction restraining GSN from airing World Series of Blackjack in it's current format and financial damages as well.

In the filed complaint UBT claims, that, it presented to GSN a unique TV format called "elimination Blackjack" on a strictly confidential basis during two meetings in 2005 and invited GSN to partner with it on a series. The elimination format, which has several variations, including elimination rounds and secret bets was created and patented by the UBT's founders, who come from gaming and entertainment.

In response to the suit GSN already made a statement, calling the litigation "baseless and without merit."

"This lawsuit is completely baseless and without merit, and we will be vindicated in court," GSN noted in a statement.


Wednesday, August 16 , 2006
Tim Arnell