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The Matchplay 21 Blackjack Variation

MatchPlay 21 is a blackjack variation which grants players many payouts for different cards combinations. Most of the MatchPlay 21 rules are the same as the "traditional" game, with few changes that create a wide difference between the two. In MatchPlay 21 all Ten cards are removed from the decks (the variation is played with two decks), thus increasing your chances to hit sevens, which is the main goal of the game. Also this variant is similar to Triple 7's, take a look at the Triple 7s variation before reading this article.

In MatchPlay 21 dealer stands on Hard 17 and soft 18, you may surrender at any given time, you may split and double but notice that you may only double once. You may split to no more than three hands, but no Blackjack is paid after splitting. You can hit after a split and split Aces if you want to. One of the dealer's cards is faced up while the other isn't. Blackjack pays 3 to 2. for a better understanding, see our Matchplay 21 rules

Though this game offers more payouts than the Triple 7's, the odds to win them are much lower than the odds to win special payouts given in Triple 7's. For a Triple Seven, of the same suit, your ratio payout is 40:1, but you would also need that the up faced card of the dealer to be a Seven as well. Note that after a split or a double you will not be entitled to receive this bonus.

This game has special payouts but you must consider the low odds for receiving them, if you're more into the thrill of playing and money is not your main goal then this is the game for you, but if you care more about money than the sheer fun and thrill than you should check some other blackjack games that are found at our index.

David Hunch, Editorial Staff