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Normandie Casino launched Pure blackjack 21

Plays like Vegas, Pays like Vegas. Normandie Casino now introduces the feel of Vegas. Normandie Casino just launched Pure blackjack 21 which is commonly played in Las Vegas to give its valued players the choice to choose and play their favorite game.

"It's Blackjack without Jokers or Wild Cards which in turn makes it easier for both the novice and seasoned players alike to enjoy," Steve Miller, Casino Owner said. Its Pure 21 Blackjack, launched officially last June 10, 2006 at the Normandie Casino. This game may be new to Normandie Casino customers, but major Las Vegas casinos commonly play pure 21 Blackjack.

"We are proud to offer both types of Blackjack to our players, we want them to know that here at the Normandie Casino, they have a choice," casino manager Karlo Deza added. "The number one factor that makes Pure 21 Blackjack the game to play is the 3 to 2 Blackjack pay-off; no other casino is paying these odds." Now, the two blackjack variations are being offered at the Normandie casino: The Pure Blackjack 21 and The Blackjack jackpot, which is played with jokers.

Sunday, July 09 , 2006
Emma Green