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Andy Bloch's Life as A Part of the MIT Blackjack Team

Andy Bloch was just a simple engineering student from MIT back in the 1990's but during night time, he was one of the members of the know legendary Massachusetts Institute of Technology blackjack team, defeating blackjack tables from most big time casinos all over the United States. The mit blackjack team was quite infamous on casino blackjack table from 1993 until 1999.

The run of the team was eventually shown in the successful "21" blackjack movie starring Kevin Spacey and Kate Bosworth last March 21st, 2008. Thirty-eight year old andy bloch, who is now a very successful poker player, said on May 15th, 2008 that they were able to outwit and edge out casino facilities at their own territory. He added that he was able to pocket almost 500,000.

He is currently barred from playing blackjack at most casinos in the strip and would be arrested if he even attempts to set foot in any of the casino property in the area. Using card counting in the game of blackjack is not punishable by law but most casinos still view it as threatening strategy because they can lose a lot of potential profit from it especially if a player can execute it right.

Card counting can give an edge to the blackjack player by observing the cards that are exiting from the blackjack shoe. Cards that has a small value tip the favor to the player because cards that are left in the shoe that has large value will help players reach the total of twenty-one or achieve a score close to 21. When a card that has a value less than seven pops out of the shoe, the card counter increases the count by one mentally.

When a ten card, court card or ace card appears from the shoe, the card counter takes away one. When the card counter mentally reaches more than ten, it is now the appropriate time to increase your wager. The Massachusetts Blackjack team use different kinds of signals like special words to bring a big gambler to the game which would also tell the player on how much cash to wager.

Andy Bloch finished two electrical engineering courses in MIT and another one from the Harvard Law School. His poker career is also doing great, finishing in 2nd place in the World Heads-Up Poker event, increasing his winnings to $3.2 million.


Monday, June 02 , 2008
Emma Green