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Biography of Andy Bloch

Andy Bloch grew up enjoying card games with friends and family as a grown up he likes to play blackjack and has made a smaller fortune on his poker gaming.

Andy Bloch likes to write. Not only is he the co-author of Poker Tells, he also runs a blog where both his private world and the one of poker is discussed. When he was 23 years old he started to play poker seriously. In the beginning he played in tournaments with smaller winnings but very soon he had won a World Poker Final tournament. That he was a smart guy was pretty clear. As he entered the professional poker arena he had already acquired two electrical engineering degrees from MIT.

When Andy Bloch is mentioned most people that know of him will think about poker but Bloch is also a skilled blackjack player. He has produced his own instructional DVD for blackjack. The DVD is called Beating Blackjack and it explains card counting. He was also portrayed in the documentary The Hot Shoe.

In his early gaming career he kept a daytime job but after an argument with his boss he got fired. He recalls how he joked with his parents that if he wouldn't get another job he could always be a full time poker player. Today he can look back and confirm that he has won a total sum of more than $2,500,000 just by playing in poker tournaments. That is what many would call a very well paid full time job.

While he was making a name in the world of gaming he kept on studying. Besides his two MIT degrees he has a JD from Harvard Law School. Although he skipped the last classes of law school so that he could participate in the World Series of Poker he did pass his bar exam in 1999.

His career in law seems to have been put on hold because he has been busy playing poker ever since he finished his degrees and continued with full force on the path of gaming. Bloch has continued to show his face in the lime light also in relation to poker. He could be seen in the buy-in HORSE final that was aired on ESPN in October 2006. The same year he won the Pro Am Poker Equalizer that was aired in the beginning of 2007. He was invited to play NBC's Heads Up Poker Championship and he has been seen on their late night show.

Today Andy Bloch is tied to Full Tilt Poker where he is nicknamed "The Rock." He is known to be very generous with his knowledge and he shares his skills through several outlets. As mentioned he wrote a book on card counting together with Bobbi Dempsey and he also runs a World Poker Tour & World Series Fan Site. He never practiced as a lawyer but he tries to use his skills in law in combination with his gaming to make a difference in the world.

Andrew Sanders - Managing Editor