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Much Anticipated UBT Airs on CBS This September

Starting September 16 the CBS-TV will air the "Ultimate Blackjack Tour" at 11 in the morning and will air every Saturday before the Southeastern conference college football games.

Handles like "Devilfish," the "Unabomber," "The Magician" and Hollywood Dave" were set to play rivals in these tournaments. CBS has given a two-season order for the UBT.

The 10-episode initial run was already filmed last November that cost an estimated cost of more than $1 million, which was shot at the CBS Television city. The First season UBT events are played out in a futuristic arena before a live audience.

The UBT executives' target audience is mainly 18 t0 35-year-old males but a UBT consultant mentioned that the show might have a broader female audience than the expected due to the fact that blackjack itself is easier to learn than poker and also UBT features talented, aggressive female players.

In every hour-long episode of UBT there will be 30 hands to be played. In its Pilot episode, staccato music and lighting effects were employed to give an air of drama, the tempo will come as a surprise to viewers. Multiple rounds of the play are skipped, then after every commercial break are recapped and through a series of "forced elimination" the seven-player field is decreased still further. Producers said that the aim of the tournament is a fast pace similar to NBC's "Deal Or No Deal" which is a big hit.

The season is divided between seven Tournament games and three specials, that includes "Ladies of Blackjack," likely to feature Oscar-nominated actress Jennifer Tilly and professional players like Annie Duke and Monice Reeves. Also, "Team UBT" includes blackjack pros like Kenny Einiger but is mainly drawn from Poker world.


Thursday, August 24 , 2006
Tim Arnell