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Blackjack News Archive - November 2006

The Card Counting Issue With Las Vegas Casinos
Monday, April 28 , 2008

Most Las Vegas casino facilities frown upon card counters. They either use shuffling machines like the machine of Shufflemaster or use facial recognition software to block card counters.

The Massachusetts Insitute of Technology Blackjack Team
Thursday, April 24 , 2008

Mike Aponte and David Irvine are members of the famed MIT blackjack team. Both players say that they have to change strategy when one of their members divulged information about the team.

Michael Aponte and David Irvine Conduct Blackjack Seminars
Wednesday, April 23 , 2008

MIT blackjack teammates David Irvine and Michael Aponte will conduct blackjack seminars all over the United States. The locations for the seminars will be announced as soon as possible.

The Blackjack Event at Trump Plaza Hotel and Casinos Jezebel Lounge
Tuesday, April 22 , 2008

The weekly blackjack event at the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino is always a good treat for blackjack enthusiasts. Players can win as much as $1,000.

Casinos Hopeful About Blackjack Movie
Friday, April 04 , 2008

Casinos are hopeful that they will receive some benefits from the movie '21'. Like what the book 'Beating the Dealer' did back in the 1960s.