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Blackjack News Archive - July 2006

Hot Hand Advantage DVD and Practice Game for Blackjack Players
Monday, July 24 , 2006

The Hot Hand Advantage DVD and Practice Game, a newly released blackjack strategy system, has been released. The DVD and game teach players how to beat Vegas by successfully cracking the blackjack code by card counting.

Live Dealer Blackjack Tournament Launch by CasinoWebcam
Sunday, July 23 , 2006

New exciting Blackjack tournaments were launch by CasinoWebcam. Cash prizes and huge bonuses awaits blackjack online casino players.

The Ultimate Blackjack Tour live on CBS
Wednesday, July 19 , 2006

Ultimate Blackjack Tour signs a two-year contract with CBS to broadcast the tournament on the national television that will start on September 16, 2006. This Tournament is not Solely for the Blackjack or Casino celebrities. Any one who can pay the entry fee can enter the Tournament.

Blackjack at Wild Jack
Wednesday, July 12 , 2006

There are thousands of online Casinos but some may find it hard to find a good online blackjack casino. Most of these online casinos dont even care about the game; they consider blackjack as just another product to sell on line. Play blackjack online at Wild Jack Casino and join thousands of satisf ...

Normandie Casino launched Pure blackjack 21
Sunday, July 09 , 2006

Normandie Casino just launched Pure Blackjack 21, which is commonly played in Las Vegas, to give it valued players the choice to choose and play their favorite game for them to enjoy more and play more. It may be hard to imagine but its here at Normandie Casino.