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Blackjack News Archive - February 2007

GSN Launches Catch 21 With Merrill Heatter
Monday, July 28 , 2008

GSN announced that they will show in their network the Catch 21 blackjack show with Merrill Heatter as the host. They will also show an extra special on July 19th, 2008.

Judge Stephan Mickle Dismisses Pompano Case Against the Seminole Tribe
Sunday, July 27 , 2008

Judge Mickle dismiss the lawsuit filed by Pompano Park. The Seminole Tribe continues to offer blackjack and other card games because of the decision.

Seminoles Changes Betting Limits for Casino Card Games
Thursday, July 24 , 2008

Seminole officials lowered the gaming table limits at their card game tables. A lot of players are dismayed about the betting limits of the casino card games at the Seminole Hollywood casino.

Seminole Tribe to Appeal State Court Decision Regarding Class III Games on the State
Tuesday, July 22 , 2008

The Seminoles plan to appeal the decision of the state court regarding the legality of their gambling compact. Barry Richards said that they will be able to change the decision by the court.

State Court Invalidates Gaming Compact Agreement Between Seminoles And Florida
Sunday, July 20 , 2008

The Supreme Court of Florida decides that the gaming compact between the Seminoles and Gov. Crist is invalid. The gaming compact was signed between the tribe and Gov. Crist on November 17th, 2008.

lorida Judges Decides to Cancel Seminole Gambling Compact
Thursday, July 17 , 2008

The gambling compact of the Seminole Tribe was invalidated with the State Courts decision to rule that Gov. Crist has no power to negotiate the compact. But the tribe is exploring its legal options.

Customers Dismayed at Seminole Tribe Table Gambling Limits
Monday, July 07 , 2008

A lot of players were disappointed with the gaming table limits of the Seminole Hollywood casino. But Seminole officials were quick to rectify the situation.

Blackjack and Other Card Games Offered at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino
Sunday, July 06 , 2008

Blackjack will be one of the card games that will be offered at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino on June 22nd, 2008. A lot of residents are enthusiastic about the arrival of the card games.

Celebrities and Local Residents Celebrate Blackjack Debut at Seminole Casino
Thursday, July 03 , 2008

Celebrities and ordinary participated in the celebration for the card games debut at the Seminole casino. There are also other card games that are available on the casino like baccarat.