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Blackjack News Archive - March 2008

Seminoles Looks For Potential Blackjack Casino Dealers
Thursday, March 20 , 2008

The Seminole Tribe is currently looking for blackjack dealers. The reason why is that they are getting ready to offer this game and other casino games in response to the gaming compact with Florida.

Enterasia Develops Crazy 21 Blackjack Variation
Wednesday, March 19 , 2008

Enterasia recently developed Crazy 21 to add to their casino games portfolio. The officials of the company hope that this will be a significant contribution to the industry.

Horseshoe Casino Hosts Blackjack Event
Tuesday, March 18 , 2008

The Horseshoe Casino facility will host a legendary blackjack event that is sure to attract top players all over the world. The event will have a pre-registration on March 27th, 2008.

The Debut of "21s" Official Movie Site
Tuesday, March 04 , 2008

Sony Entertainment just recently debuted the movie site for '21'. The movie stars Jim Sturgess, Kate Bosworth and Kevin Spacey.

Blackjack Classes at the FLC Taught by Professor Hunt
Monday, March 03 , 2008

Professor Hunt teaches blackjack at the FLC. His class is steadily growing each semester due to the growing interest in the game.

The 13th Western Indian Gaming Conference in California
Sunday, March 02 , 2008

Aside from different slot machines, there are also top-of-the line blackjack tables at the 13th Western Indian Gaming Conference. A lot of people said that California is the next gaming frontier.