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Blackjack News Archive - November 2007

Tri-State Looks for Dealers For Casino Card Games Like Blackjack
Wednesday, May 28 , 2008

Tri-State recently held a job fair for people that is interested to be a casino dealer at the racing track. Tri-State officials are hoping to find three hundred dealers for card games like blackjack.

NetPlay Television to Launch Blackjack Channel
Tuesday, May 27 , 2008

NetPlay Television will soon debut a blackjack channel alongside their roulette channel. The company is hoping that their customers will enjoy it together with their live roulette channel.

Seminole Tribe Prepares for the Launch of Blackjack on June 2008
Monday, May 26 , 2008

The Seminole Tribe is currently preparing for the launch of blackjack at their casinos in June. They are currently looking for dealers and gaming area employees to accommodate the expected demand.

James Campfield Participates in The Split Blackjack Event
Wednesday, May 21 , 2008

Blackjack player James Campfield was given the opportunity to participate in Winstar Casinos 'The Split' Blackjack Tournament. The finals will be held on August 16th, 2008.

Mardi Gras Race Track and Gaming Center to Offer Casino Games like Blackjack
Tuesday, May 20 , 2008

Mardi Gras Race Track is currently preparing to offer casino games like blackjack, poker and others. They are currently conducting job fairs in three different counties from May 5th to May 8th, 2008.

The Seminole Casinos Offer New Comps in Anticipation of New Card Games Like Blackjack
Monday, May 19 , 2008

The Seminole Tribe has currently revise their comps program especially with the debut of their card games like blackjack. The tribe is also hoping to attract more in-state visitors.

Andy Bloch and the MIT Blackjack Team
Monday, May 12 , 2008

Andy Bloch was a member of the original MIT blackjack team. He successfully made the transition from blackjack player to poker player.

Backgammon Masters Challenge MIT Blackjack Team to Test Blackjack Software
Thursday, May 08 , 2008

Online casino Backgammon Masters has challenged the MIT team to compete against their blackjack software. The team will surely have a tough time testing their skills against the software.

Bookmaker Hosts 21 Challenge Series
Wednesday, May 07 , 2008

Bookmaker will held the '21 Challenge Series' blackjack event. Players will have the chance to compete in the three qualifiers that will determine the participants at the final event.

Why Card Counters Are Viewed With Suspicion in Casino Facilities
Tuesday, May 06 , 2008

Card counters will never be viewed favorably by most casino facilities. David Stann is a card counter and is not welcome in most casino establishments in the strip.

Bookmaker Holds 21 Challenge Series Tournament
Monday, May 05 , 2008

Bookmaker recently launched the '21' challenged series events. There will be weekly events that can produce three qualifiers that can join the final event that will have a prize of $21,000.