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Blackjack News Archive - September 2007

Indiana Appellate Court Rules in Favor of Thomas Donovan in Blackjack Case
Friday, November 27 , 2009

The Indiana court decided in favor of Thomas Donovan in a case against the Grand Victoria Casino. The court said that the casino cannot ban Donovan from blackjack because he counts cards.

Crown Casino Officials Changes the Odds on its Blackjack Tables
Wednesday, November 25 , 2009

Crown Casino changed the odds of its blackjack tables which gives the casino more earnings. The changes were approved by the Victoria Commission for Gambling Regulation.

Gaming Analysts Protests Crown Casinos New Blackjack Rule
Tuesday, November 24 , 2009

Gaming experts like Ron Parsons said that the new blackjack rule of Crown Casino only affects common players. The new rule will give the casino more chance to win in the game.

Florida Officials Considers Allowing Casino Table Games in Different Florida Gaming Facilities
Monday, November 23 , 2009

Florida lawmakers are warming up to the idea of permitting pari-mutuels to offer casino games like blackjack. They said that it will directly compete with the Seminole casinos.

Pennsylvania Legislators under Pressure to Approve Budget and Casino Table Games Proposal
Friday, November 20 , 2009

Pennsylvania lawmakers are under increasing pressure to pass their state budget and resolve the casino table games issue. Casinos want a lower tax rate on casino table games.

Gov. Rendell and Pennsylvania Legislature Approves New Deal to Balance State Budget
Wednesday, November 18 , 2009

The deal approved by Gov. Rendell and the legislature will raise cigarette and business taxes as well as permit casino table games. Non-profits also criticized the six percent tax on their sales.

Rep. Bill Galvano Cancels October Session for New Seminole Gaming Deal
Tuesday, November 17 , 2009

Rep. Galvano cancelled the October session for the new Seminole agreement. He said that he is not in favor with the new agreement because of the exclusivity clause given to the Seminole tribe.

Pennsylvania Legislators Work Out Casino Table Games Details
Monday, November 16 , 2009

Lawmakers in Pennsylvania are still working out the details regarding allowing casino table games in state casinos. The revenue from the games will be use to balance the budget.

Pennsylvania Legislators Having Difficulty Resolving Casino Table Games Issue
Wednesday, November 11 , 2009

Gov. Rendell said that he will hold up $730 million in additional funding for state schools unless the gaming issue is resolve. He said that casino games will help solve the budget deficit.

The Budget Dilemma in the State of Pennsylvania
Tuesday, November 10 , 2009

Pennsylvania legislators continue to debate on the sticking points that prevents the approval of the state budget. Some of these issues include the approval of casino gaming in the state and others.

Florida Legislators Petitions National Indian Gaming Commission to Stop Seminole Gaming
Monday, November 09 , 2009

Florida lawmakers petitioned the NIGC to order the Seminole tribe to stop offering casino games. House Speaker Larry Cretul said that it is impossible to negotiate a deal with the tribe.

James F. Allen Criticizes Florida Legislature for Lack of Effort on Gaming Compact Issue
Friday, November 06 , 2009

James F. Allen criticized the state legislature for not doing enough to solve the gaming issue. The legislature dismissed the 2nd gaming agreement signed between Gov. Crist and the tribe.

Florida House Petitions National Indian Gaming Commission to Stop Seminole Casino Table Games
Thursday, November 05 , 2009

Speaker Larry Cretul petitioned the NIGC to stop the card games at Seminole gaming facilities. The first gaming compact between Florida and the Seminoles was invalidated by the state court in 2008.

Pennsylvania Legislators Continues to Discuss Casino Gaming Proposal
Monday, November 02 , 2009

The debate for casino gaming in Pennsylvania continues to be a heated one as officials continue to clashed on some of the provisions. Legislators hope that gaming revenues will help solve the deficit.