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Blackjack News Archive - February 2007

Cantor Casino Debuts Statjack Casino Game
Wednesday, September 17 , 2008

Cantor Casino has recently launched their brand new game, Statjack, which is a variation of the blackjack game. It has a lot of features including a tutorial section and a whole lot more.

The Blackjack Event at the Horseshoe Casino
Monday, September 15 , 2008

The Blackjack Event at the Horseshoe Casino will start on September 11th, 2008. Players can register at the Bluesville Promotions inside the Horseshoe Casino.

Microgaming Launches Multiplayer Blackjack Event and Hitman Slot Games
Sunday, September 14 , 2008

Microgaming recently debut their Multiplayer Blackjack Event and Hitman Slot Casino Games. Microgaming has high hopes for their games and hopes that their players will love it.

The Double Deck Game of Blackjack at the Grand Victoria Casino in Elgin
Thursday, September 04 , 2008

The Double Deck Blackjack at the Grand Victoria can now give players the option to double on their cards. But the minimum wager in the game is $200 so this is applicable for serious gamers.

Jay Walker Launches Blackjack With Guaranteed Play at the Barona Casino
Wednesday, September 03 , 2008

The Blackjack with Guaranteed Play by Jay Walker gives players the opportunity for more hands with only a minimum cost. Baronas Salinas said that the game helps them to attract more customers.

Paul Hornung, Other Football Greats Participates at Blackjack Event by Gridiron Greats
Tuesday, September 02 , 2008

Retired football player Paul Harnung played at the Blackjack event organized by the Gridiron Greats. The events raised $20,000 for retired football players.