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Atlantic City May Soon Allow Its Gamblers In-Room Hotel Gambling

Currently, Lawyers in the Atlantic City region are considering two gambling bills that, if passed, could give the city’s gamblers the opportunity to legally engage in mobile gambling from their hotel rooms, instead of visiting the hotel casino establishments themselves.

The first time mobile gambling was suggested was in 2006, but at the time the idea was immediately rejected.  However, now, six years later, the proposal is being brought to life again by Senator Jim Whelan, and this time it’s actually being considered.

Should the bills pass in Atlantic City, hotel gamblers would be provided with a wireless device that they can take to their hotel rooms to continue their gambling, allowing them to continue playing the table games and slots instead of having to go downstairs and try their luck at the busy hotel casino.

However, while these bills offer the potential for many benefits, there are still a few concerns that need to be addressed before the current laws will change.