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Backgammon Masters Challenge MIT Blackjack Team to Test Blackjack Software

On April 22nd, 2008, the debut of the blackjack movie "21" starring Kevin Spacey was based from the book written by Ben Mizrich entitled "Bringing Down the House". The book and the movie were about a group of MIT students who have organized blackjack team to take on casinos in Las Vegas. This inspired Backgammon Masters to challenge the mit blackjack team to play against their software and to test their high-class blackjack platform and standard blackjack calculator.

In the multiple player twenty-one blackjack game that are conceptualize by Backgammon Masters, about five blackjack players will go up against the casino dealer in each round. In every casino of Backgammon Masters, the blackjack technique calculator will feature a one-of-a kind chance for player to inquire their next step on the game. For those players that use card counting, the blackjack calculator will help the probability that the player will execute a good play.

Compared with playing in a live casino facility in Las Vegas, playing on the Internet will give you a technique that will help you keep track of variables, various standards for the number of decks of cards and others. With the help of the blackjack calculators, blackjack players will be able to pick different choices for each card hand that may have been ignored without the blackjack calculator. Having to change their strategy in order to adapt to online gaming, the MIT Team will have their hands full on adapting to the blackjack software of Backgammon Masters.


Thursday, May 08 , 2008
Tim Arnell