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Biography of Barry Meadow

Barry Meadow is a name to be reckoned with in the blackjack world. With over 30 years of experience, Meadow has authored several books on the subject. The first book that he wrote was called Success at the Harness Races, Money Secrets at the Race Track and Professional Harness Betting. He wrote it in 1967 and it wouldn't be his last book on the subject of California Harness racing. The second book called Professional Harness Betting came out in 1987. It was a heavy manual explaining how to make it as a full-time professional player.

In the great gap between his first and second book Meadow gathered plenty of experience in his field. As an author he kept busy being a racing-magazine editor and by writing articles for various publications such as Sports Illustrated. He even wrote for them on the theme of mule racing. In the beginning of the 1980s, Meadow spent all of his time gambling on the harness races at Los Alamitos in California. This was also when he founded his own publishing house where he would later publish his gathered experiences.

The book that followed in 1988 was greatly lauded by the experts as a definite guide to money management at the horse track. It was called Money Secrets at the Racetrack and along with it came Master Win Ratings, a service that rates every California horse.

Meadows decided to share the humorous and adventurous story of when he tried to play blackjack in every casino in Nevada. This exciting tale was published as Blackjack Autumn: A True Tale of Life, Death, and Splitting Tens in Winnemucca. Although he left fiancé, child and work for two months to completely dedicate himself to the art of Blackjack he is mainly known as the expert on horse betting.

One of the later publications of Meadow should be of interest to the interactive generation of today that gambles mostly online. Titled Crushing the Internet Casinos, it is a guide in how to succeed in making money on online gambling. It was published by Huntington Press of Las Vegas and it promises to make you a winner given that you follow its 65 pages of instruction.

Looking at the many outlets of creativity of Barry Meadow it is clear that he is a man that lives from what he enjoys and the list of the interesting work he has been involved is long. Besides of his many books on the subject of gambling he has written television sitcoms, played professional tennis in India and done stand up comedy in California. It has also been claimed that Meadow is a Vietnam veteran.

TR Publishing continues to enhance the gaming world with useful advice and information. The current main project is the previously mentioned Master Win Ratings, a live telephone and email service for horse betting in California. It looks like Barry Meadow will continue to share his talents and insight in the future. In what forms and outlets only time will tell.

David Hackman - News Reporter