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Biography of Big Chuck Gorson

With Chuck Gorson’s 6 feet and 8 inches he has a good view of the casino and all the games he plays professionally. Big is not only the word for his body appearance but also a fitting description of his collected winnings in various casino games.

During 15 years of gambling he is said to have made six-figure income each and every year. Gorson can be found gambling in tournaments of slots, blackjack, roulette and craps, not to mention all the other casino games he frequently plays.

Although it seems that Gorson has spent night and day in the casino he has managed to do a few more things in his life. Before he became a serious full-time gambler he owned a chain of talent and modeling agencies. It was with the winning of $50,000 in an Aladdin casino blackjack tournament in 1989 that he decided to leave his business life and spend all of his energy on gambling.

Among his winnings can be counted: $175,000 in baccarat at the Trump Marina, $25,000 on Blackjack at the Tropicana and another $25,000 at Resorts Casino from a triathlon consisting of roulette, blackjack and slots. The big prize that he won at the Trump Marina was presented to him personally by Donald Trump.

Chuck Gorson has won fame through his successful gambling and he has appeared on radio shows such as the Howard Stern Show and the Vegas Show. He has also been seen on television in the Ultimate Blackjack Tour. One of his most famous appearances is the one he made on the opening episode of the reality show The Casino. In this show he won a lot of money being a skilled card counter but he also gave people a good laugh by getting a bit too tipsy and ending up taking a cross dresser to his room.

While becoming famous as a successful player, Gorson also tried family life where he had considerably less luck. His efforts in this area did leave him with a few kids and ex-wives. He has been said to claim that his gambling is simply a way to support them all. Lucky for them he has had more than 15 productive years of gambling and it doesn't look like he has any plans to stop.

Chuck Gorson is currently working on a book that will both tell the tale of his life and be an instruction manual on how to become a better casino player. This should be of great interest to his many fans and to people that are looking to find out what it is that makes the great players so great and how it is that they can win so much money over and over. Gorson didn't do all that well on the reality show as he was eliminated first but we will most likely see him score more great winnings as he continues his gambling lifestyle as intensely as ever.

Kim Watson