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The Blackjack Bonus Variation

"Bonus" is a blackjack variant which allows you to bet on the outcome of your two initial cards, and only on them. This blackjack is played with only two decks, thus increasing your chances for betting on the right card's combinations. But where ever the casino gives he also takes, and in Bonus Blackjack it is best manifested in the fact that that the payouts are lower than they should be.

For example, one of the favorable hand in this variation is Blackjack which is combined from an Ace and a Jack, both Spades. This hand is likely to appear every 52 rounds of Bonus Blackjack, that means that the payout should be 52:1 but it is not so. The casino increases its edge by manipulating the payouts to their favor.

The value of hands from high to low:

  • A+J of spades: 50 to 1, for other suits the payout is 25:1.
  • Other pairs of hands totaling 21 of the same suit are paid 5:2.
  • Other 21 hands are paid 3:2.

Other Bonus Blackjack rules are the same as in the "traditional" variant of blackjack - you may double, split up to four cards, hit after a double and so on. The dealer stands on Soft 17 and one of his initial cards is faced down. A player cannot Surrender and there are no winners in a push. Also, you cannot re-split aces and after a split you don't win at blackjack. You may double after a split and hit as well. Notice that any pair of ten-rated cards can be split (such as Q and K, or J and K). If you would like to see the rules in a much more simplified manner, please take a look at our blackjack bonus rules thread, or go back for other online blackjack games.

David Hunch, Editorial Staff