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Blackjack Card Counting System

Blackjack card counting is a system that evaluates cards on the table to estimate which cards are left in the deck and consequently whether the deck is favorable or unfavorable towards the player.

It is generally impossible for an average person to remember which cards were on the table in past rounds, card counting schemes implement a score-based measure. The score in a Blackjack card counting system reflects the situation in the deck.

Betting using the blackjack card counting technique is made depending on the remaining cards of the deck. When the deck is favorable, you should wager larger bets, otherwise, wager smaller ones. This becomes especially powerful if you combine it with some progressive betting strategies. Even if you don't resort to a full blown card counting scheme you can still modify your basic strategy table to consider the favorability of the deck and get better results.

The several Blackjack card counting techniques range from single-level, to multi-level, and balanced to unbalanced, as well as different levels (1-5). Certain players that are more advanced in the field of Blackjack like to use in addition to card counting, something to give them that extra push, side games. You can read further on Blackjack evaluations of card counting systems we provide, that discuss player efficiency and betting correlation.

Blackjack card counting systems have become so popular that it gives many of the players an edge on the house. In reaction to this, the casinos have created countermeasures to fight back, such as increasing the amount of decks which made it significantly difficult to continue card counting. There are many other ways that casinos discovered how to decrease the odds of Blackjack players winning, so if you don't want to be detected, resort to our exclusive card counting detection guide.

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