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Blackjack Champ Ken Einiger Signs Deal with Consolidated Resorts

On May 17, 2007, Consolidated Resorts Inc. and Ken Einiger, the CEO of Play to Win Inc. completed a deal to promote tourism in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ken Einiger was chosen as the spokesman for Consolidated Resorts Inc. Einiger is also an accomplished blackjack player. Other known Consolidated Resorts celebrities include Alan Thick, Tanya Roberts, George Wallace and David Faustino.

Einiger stated that this is really good timing and that Consolidated Resorts has always maintained a top class accommodation. The company is truly in a league of its own.

While Las Vegas is often recognized for their one-of-a kind entertainment, some of the facilities in the area do not blend with their surroundings and are distracting to their visitors.

Einiger said that he is happy to represent Consolidated Resorts Inc. There is no greater satisfaction than seeing your customers enjoy the different casino table games, while simultaneously enjoying their surroundings and the other amenities that the casino resort has to offer.

Consolidated Resorts Inc. was founded in 1982 by Arthur Spector and is currently headed by Michael Kaplan. The company's headquarters' are in Las Vegas. Play to Win Inc. is an organization dedicated to the promotion of the game of Blackjack.

Ken Einiger, a regular at the Ultimate Blackjack Tour, has been a Blackjack player for 15 years.


Sunday, June 03 , 2007
Thomas Johnson