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Blackjack Champion Ken Einiger Teams Up with All-In Energy Drink Company

On July 29th, 2007, World blackjack Champion Ken Einiger has partnered with the ALL IN Energy Drink Organization. The ALL IN Energy Drink is the beverage of choice of a lot of top blackjack and poker players around the world.

The ALL IN Energy Drink contains enough sugar and carbohydrates to help players maintain their mental capability especially during long games. That is one of the reasons why top class players like Blackjack champion Ken Einiger have chosen to team up with the ALL IN Energy Drink organization.

Einiger said that he is very happy to team up with the ALL IN Energy Drink to promote the drink to the masses. Einiger said that when he started drinking the ALL IN Energy drink, he was astounded when he felt that it pushed his brain's performance to the highest level.

Einiger said that he is now more focused in his games after drinking ALL IN. He added that he is able to stay alive and awake for the whole day and he does not feel the after effects of the drink after it wears off. The ALL IN Energy drink is a blend of B-vitamins, amino acids and enzymes.

The ALL IN drink has also no sugar, net carbohydrates and not calories. Ken Einiger has joined with fellow blackjack and poker players in endorsing the ALL IN Energy Drink.

Einiger said that players can accomplish a lot of things during the game if they are wide awake instead of disoriented so the ALL IN Energy Drink will be really helpful to players.


Wednesday, September 12 , 2007
Tim Arnell