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Blackjack Classes at the FLC Taught by Professor Hunt

On February 25th, 2008, among the twenty people who have attended the class that night, most were looking for a good way on how the player can have a good advantage in the game of blackjack without busting out. Hunt, who teaches to marketing classes at the college, has already written more than forty articles and taught about gambling for the last 5 years.

Hunt asked the class that their motivation on why they play the game should not be money. Their motivation should be to have fun and to enjoy the game to the fullest. Because if you only want to earn some profit, then it is very certain that the casino will defeat you in the game. Hunt commented that in most casino facilities, the casino advantage is 0.05%, which means that for every $100 wagered, you will lose fifty cents.

Hunt based his blackjack lesson on odds and the logic of keeping the casino advantage to a minimum lever or smaller than 0.05%. Hunt commented that he estimates that about 85% of blackjack players have absolutely no idea regarding the odds, 5% to 10% have some form of idea and a only about 5% are really well-versed with the intricacies of the game.

Some of the class members differ from those people that really want to know the game and those people that can help Professor Hunt properly explain the odds and rules that can be useful to an average player. The students' in the class ages start from twenty-one to senior citizens, which makes for a very interesting class in FLC, according to Gigi Duthie, the Continuing Education Director.

Duthie commented that the program has now 300 students per semester and is becoming more popular. Some of the students like Cheryl Lynn and her husband Dan are both enthusiasts of the game and said that they really want to expand their blackjack knowledge.


Monday, March 03 , 2008
Thomas Johnson