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Blackjack Dealer Angered By Three-Day Casino Shutdown

Emmanuel Villamil is a blackjack dealer in Atlantic City. Villamil is a resident of Egg Harbor Township, he is definitely not happy with the three-day shutdown of the casino where he is working for. The shutdown was caused by the government that he estimates cost him $300 in salary and tips. Villamil who enjoys being a blackjack dealer said that the money he lost can not be gotten back.

Thursday, August 17, he registered as a local voter in their town. Villamil was never an activist when it came to politics, but the shutdown of the casino made him stop his job as a blackjack dealer making him furious. He has made up his mind to vote, that is one thing he hasn't done before, but will be doing now to get even at least.

Villamil said, "There was no good for the politicians to shut down the casinos."

Villamil and other casinos employees were hopeful that many would join Villamil, as well as his fellow blackjack dealers, in signing up to vote in the November elections. The vote will dramatically influence the Trenton politics in favor of the casinos.

Villamil, whose job as a blackjack dealer has helped him a lot with his everyday living, has experiences hardships in his financial struggle as the result of the shutdown gave. He blamed the state lawmakers for his hardships.

President of the Casino Association of New Jersey, Joseph A. Corbo Jr. said, "in doing so, we want to impress upon our elected officials that our industry is a force that should not be neglected or taken for granted."


Friday, October 20 , 2006
Kim Watson