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The Blackjack Event at Trump Plaza Hotel and Casinos Jezebel Lounge

On March 17th, 2008, the customers that were lined up carefully that night is about many as you can get and the whole event is just starting. Those customers that are unfortunately regulated at the end of the line would not receive their chance to participate on the table for about 30 minutes but commented that they are willing to wait because when they get their turn to play, it will be really rewarding. It is the weekly blackjack tournament that is currently happening at the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino, the latest blackjack event to attract customers to gaming establishment even during a sleepy night.

The director of table games in the Jezebel's Lounge at the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino, Anthony Spagno commented that the blackjack events usually start at 6:00 p.m. and ends at 10:00 p.m. The members of Trump One Club can receive a free entry after playing for half an hour in any games in the casino. Players begin with a ten thousand dollars worth of chips and a table that can host about seven players and allows twelve card hands of blackjack. The minimum wager in the game is one hundred dollars and there is no maximum wager imposed in the game.

At the end of the twelve card hands, the managers in the game summarize on how much fake money players left in their possession. Whoever has the most fake money by the end of the gaming nights will win $1,000 in real money. The 2nd place player will win $250 in total complimentary and the 3rd place player up to 6th place player will win $100 in total complimentary.

About 210 people turn up to play on the initial run of the blackjack event, according to Spagno. Maryann Cohen from Atlantic City said that she really likes playing blackjack and this will be a great night out for her.


Tuesday, April 22 , 2008
Victor Sanchez