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Blackjack Events Every Tuesday at Casino Tropez

On August 4th, 2008, Casino Tropez has publicly confirmed that they will be hosting blackjack events every Tuesdays of the month at the well-known Internet casino. All blackjack players at the Casino Tropez will be automatically entered into the twenty-four hours blackjack event, with the players at the top 20 positions winning $50.

Players can keep a watchful eye on their position on throughout the event, letting them keep tabs on their fellow players and calculate on how close they are to the top spots in the blackjack event. Casino Tropez features six variations of the game of blackjack, like the live casino version where participants receive their cards with the help of real-time video feed.

Players will be able to experience a real casino blackjack game even if they are just in their own home and seating in front of their computer. The progressive variation of blackjack is also offered at Casino Tropez where the bets of the players add to the growing jackpot. The current jackpot is at $200,000 and anyone can take home the jackpot prize.


Thursday, August 21 , 2008
Emma Green