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Blackjack Player Charged in First-Degree Murder of Estranged Wife

Christopher Deyerle, 25, was arrested as the primary suspect in the murder of his estranged wife. According to Justice of the Peace William Rogers there was sufficient evidence to try the defendant on a charge of first-degree murder.

Police reports said that 24 year-old Heather Greene-Deyerle died from a gunshot wound at the back of her head. She was allegedly shot by Deyerle just outside her parent's house in Dayton.

In the preliminary hearing, testimonies from three witnesses mentioned that Deyerle wanted to purchase a gun, asking on several occasions how he might buy a gun and shared information about his failing marriage. Two blackjack dealers and a pit supervisor from the Pinon Plaza Casino in Carson City said that Deyerle was a regular customer at the blackjack tables.

The murder reportedly occurred after the couple got back at the Greene's residence after going to a notary to sign their divorce papers together on May 4. Michael Greene, testified that he and his wife were, at the time, inside their house when he heard gunshots. He said ran outside and saw Deyerle take off running and he chased him for a distance, but went back to his daughter.

Deyerle was arrested on May 5, the next day after the crime, and was held with out bail. But upon the defense attorney's request he was granted $1 million bondable bail. So far the gun used for shooting was not found according to the crime investigators.


Saturday, August 26 , 2006
Victor Sanchez