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Former Blackjack Player Hits Big With Poker

A theoretical particle physicist at the Standford Linear Accelerator Center and former blackjack player, Michael Binger's dream became a reality. "Since middle school, I've had plans to get rich," Binger said.

August 11, Friday, Binger landed in the third place at the World Series of Poker Championships at Las Vegas casino. His prize money is $4,123,310.

Binger said, "The championship included all the best players on earth, and a lot of the worst players. It's about knowing how to weave your way through people and survive."

Binger is a longtime blackjack player. From playing blackjack he shifted to poker when one of his friends invited him to a game and he tried his luck.

Binger said, "Blackjack is entirely solvable, but poker always involves adjusting to the precise environment." He still enjoys the game of blackjack since he was a longtime card player even in high school sophomore.

Playing poker gave him chance to pot more money in tournaments such as the World Series of Poker. For the last five years he has been playing poker, but he never forgets to get his hands on the blackjack table, even after winning great pots of money from poker.


Sunday, October 08 , 2006
Thomas Johnson