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Blackjack Player Will Be Banned From Casinos For Five Years

Michael DelGiorno, a local radio talk-show host was caught in a fight against Indian Casinos and gamblers on his show. DelGiorno has been dismissed from Creek Nation casinos after he was supposedly caught taking poker chips because DelGiorno is losing at blackjack.

According to records, last year a dealer had filed a complaint against DelGiorno for making sexual remarks. DelGiorno was asked to leave a Cherokee Nation casino.

The blackjack fanatic that DelGiorno is, he received more complaints while attending to his needs of playing blackjack.

August 29, 2005, an incident report was filed from the Creek Nation Casino at 81st Street and Riverside Drive states: "A patron ID'd as Michael Howard Del Giorno sitting at a blackjack table was caught on tape by surveillance pulling his bet... Michael was then advised of the incident in which he advised he didn't realize he had done that. A 30-day ban was issued along with a request for a permanent ban."

After a while the tape has been shown to DelGiorno, as shown on the tape, he is sitting at a blackjack table. $30 worth of poker chips were placed on the table and from what it looks like, DelGiorno looks at the cards he is dealing then spread some more chips down.

The worst part is shown to DelGiorno, he took several chips back from the dealer's pile, and slowly he placed them in the ante circle, then he took the chips off the table and then left the casino.

This blackjack player's hearing was scheduled for September 20 and could result in an order that would ban DelGiorno from casinos for five years.


Sunday, September 17 , 2006
Kim Watson