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Blackjack Pro Dave Stann Challenges Kid Rock to $10,000 Game

Professional blackjack player, Dave Stann, is challenging rocker, Kid Rock, to a high-stakes card game, a way to seek payback for the scare the musician's bouncers gave him.

On New Year's eve, Stann was sleeping peacefully in his Hard Rock Hotel suite when Kid Rock's bouncers knocked on his door and insisted that he open it for them. The bouncers said that they had to make sure that Pamela Anderson's ex-husband, Tommy Lee, was not with him. However, they did not provide any reason why they were looking for Tommy Lee. Subsequently, the bouncers kicked Stann's doors down.

According to representatives from Hard Rock, Kid Rock was with the bouncers. However, Stann denies this, and is challenging Kid Rock to meet him at the blackjack table. He would like the rocker to apologize for his bouncers' attitude.

Stann says, "We received neither an apology nor an autograph from Kid Rock, but I am way past the age of wanting autographs from passion-driven rock stars and think there is a better way to even the score."

The blackjack challenge will have the loser giving $10,000 to a charity of his choice.

"He already owes the Hard Rock casino for the door; why not tack on an extra few dollars for a good cause?" he said.


Tuesday, January 16 , 2007
Kim Watson