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The Blackjack Pro Variation

Blackjack Pro is similar in its rules to Las Vegas Strip and if you are new to blackjack then you should not play at Blackjack Pro before you reached an intermediate skill level, that is due to the fact that Playtech's software doesn't allow you to re-split and this narrows down your playing options severely, which hurts your pot in the long run.

Blackjack Pro rules do not allow you to double after a split, and doubling is only allowed for cards with a value of 10/11. If you decide to double at Blackjack Pro notice that you would not get paid for a blackjack. A push doesn't pay as well, but it would not make you lose your money either.

Also, after a split you lose many other options which are offered by other blackjack's variants, such options are: re-splitting aces, you may not hit after splitting aces, you cannot surrender at all. For more details - Get blackjack pro rules. If you're a professional blackjack player you might find some advantage in such conditions but it takes a lot of time to master the needed strategy. Eventually, Blackjack Pro is not for the novice blackjack player and there are better versions you can start with.

Danni Garth / Editorial Staff / 26.12.05