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On June 17th, 2008, Internet blackjack players can now possess a free casino twenty-one blackjack technique calculator to help them avoid costly mistakes at the blackjack table. Because of the high demand, blackjack radar debut a new blackjack technique perfect advisory gaming software for the Internet blackjack casino games.

Data that is gathered in blackjack gaming rooms shows that most mistakes that players commit is made by wrong calculation of the gaming probability in blackjack and picking the wrong technique in the game. Basic blackjack techniques and advance techniques calculator programs can help scale down such mistakes.

Blackjack Radar director Greg Wagner commented that a lot of blackjack players are not interested with blackjack calculators-but the cash lost and the wrong decisions made in the game is a bigger concern. The Internet blackjack strategy calculator software of Blackjack Radar has been the blackjack calculator of choice for a lot of players who need a good education on how to play the game properly.

Greg Wagner commented that more technical elements are now factored in the blackjack calculator that will show players how they can maximize their winning opportunities in the game. The Blackjack calculator will study your cards in the game and the face up card of the dealer. It will also help you fix your technique for the game based on the mathematical calculations, casino edge and probabilities.


Sunday, June 29 , 2008
By Thomas Johnson