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The modern age has brought a bloom to blackjack and it is best manifested in the form of all the new variations of blackjack. While some like to play the Pontoon variant which is believed to be an early form of blackjack, other prefer to play Triple shot, which is a very popular variant in which you can play both "War", "Blackjack" and "Poker" all in the same time.

The variations are presenting whole new ways for playing. Some eliminate few blackjack rules while others may establish new and more strict ones. Variations like Super Fun 21 or Triple 7s, which allow you to swap away the pot, Double Exposure and Face Up 21 would abolish the annoying "hole cards", thus improving your guesses and estimations. You might also want to have a look at the Bonus blackjack rules, in this variant you can bet on favor cards and by doing so you may double or triple your pot.

If you do not feel complete satisfied with a blackjack variation, there are others like Matchplay 21, which has similar blackjack rules to Triple 7s for instance. For the experienced player the new variants add a new dimension of fun and excitement. Bear in mind that while some blackjack rules seem to ease and raise your odds, the house would always gain his edge back. So if you're determined to play blackjack in all of its forms, give all your attention and learn the rules. Additional variations which are being played on the internet are Blackjack pro, Extreme 21 and blackjack switch. in these variations the house value cards totaling more than 21.

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Patrick Henstridge, Editor. 1st of December '05.