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Blackjack Star Dave Stann Joins the UB All-Stars Team

On October 29th, 2008, the UltimateBet Star Players Group seems to be getting larger everyday. Its newest addition to the team is none other than dave stann. Stann will be offering his background as a renowned blackjack player and television personality to the well-known poker site. Stann is the sixth member of the Star Players team. UltimateBet's Cardroom Consultant Annie Duke said that they are very happy to have Stann on their Star Players Team and she firmly believes that Stann will bring a style that uniquely his own to the team.

Stann graduated with honors from the Kent State University in theater and spent several years on the stage before going to Los Angeles in 2001 to pursue his dream of acting in a film or television. David Stann, who has been a member of MENSA since in his teenage years, soon found himself drawn to the game of blackjack with his ability to count cards and beat the casino. Known for being an emotional player at the card table, Stann soon became a household name with his 2nd place finished in the first ever world series of blackjack in 2004. He quickly became a household name on the blackjack pro circuit and even authored a book entitled Hollywood Blackjack in 2007.

Stann eventually moved to play poker and after receiving instruction from no less than Annie Duke, started making a name for himself in the industry. Stann has significant finishes in the World Series of Poker and the Caesars Poker Classic and in numerous poker events at the Bicycle Casino. Last year, Stann received the honor of one of the top players under $1,000 buy-in cost players all over the world. As his nickname "Hollywood" implies, Stann has appeared in over seventy episodes of gaming television and was recently appointed as the host for the 2nd season of the Best Damn Poker Show on Fox.

Stann joins an equally impressive and talented group of Blackjack players that features Cliff Josephy, James Campbell, Tiffany Michelle, Tracy Scala and Adam Levy. Well-known poker pros Annie Duke and Phil Hellmuth act as consultants for the online card room of UltimateBet.


Thursday, June 11 , 2009
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