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Online Blackjack Strategies: Playing Blackjack The Smart Way

Online Blackjack is a smart game that should be played the smart way. Blackjack is not as random and unpredictable as most of other online casino games. You can still play and win intuitiviely without any premises and rules, but in order to play as efficiently as possible you will want to learn the smart ways to play online blackjack and the strategies used to maximize your chances and lessen the advantage of the house.

All casino games have a mathematical advantage built into them. A strategy can only advance the player's chances and reduce the average advantage but it can not provide a way to overcome the advantage. In other words, there is never a sure way to win in online casino. The purpose of a strategy is to make winning most likely, not absolutely guaranteed. Just like with investments, no system can guarantee you a return.

An Online Blackjack strategy is basically a set of recommendations how to play the game. It is very important to understand that under "playing the game" we refer to all game-related decisions - both betting and playing the game itself.

As Blackjack remains the most popular game in both online and land casinos, it has an avid history. A lot of mathematical research was invested into studying Blackjack and devising a mathematical system that would provide the player with best chances to win.

A betting system is a strategy that suggest an optimal way to manage bets. Betting systems rely on duration of the game and one's bankroll, basically "riding" the winning streaks. An example of such a system would be the Martingale System. Martingale system is old and deprecated way of managing bets that doesn't really work in online casinos today. The opposite of Martingale is the Paroli System which is more effective but has its own disadvantages and implications. There's also a lesser known Labouchere System which is somewhat more complicated and the D'Alembert system. There are also different commercial systems like Trioplay and the progressive betting systems

A playing system is a play-time strategy that prescribes an efficient way to make decisions during the game round. As opposed to the progressive betting systems, playing systems rely on game situation and layout of the card decks. The playing systems vary severely between different incarnations of Blackjack, and often depend on player's ability. Not every playing system is easy to handle. The most popular and probably most efficient playing system is card counting combined with the basic Blackjack strategy. The basic strategy is an essential tool for every Blackjack player while card counting is an advanced skill that borders with an art. Another new and advanced technique for Blackjack is called Shuffle Tracking. Shuffle tracking is a scientific way of tracking interesting cards throughout the shuffling. Unfortunately for most online casino players, card counting and shuffle tracking along with Labouchere system are useless in online casinos because computer generated deck drawing is much more even and random than a real deck of cards that these systems try to analyse.

A strategy is therefore a combination of betting and playing systems that the player finds suitable for himself. It depends on the player's skill and ability, bankroll, game duration and table rules (especially the number of decks the table plays with). As you can see there is no single and specific way to maximize your odds.

Mastering strategies is a daunting task which can only be beaten with experience and wisdom. It is not something a newbie player should try to pursue during his first steps in Blackjack because it will probably make the game more confusing, but once the player becomes well familiar with the game and gets used to playing it freely, strategies become an essential study.


Two things are a menace to a newbie Online Blackjack players and we must share those with you so that you'd know what to avoid.

The first evil is wrong assumptions. Some things may feel intuitive but in reality they only harm your chances.

  • Don't play the dealer rule. Standing on 17 is not going to give you the same advantage as the dealer: the dealer rule prohibits splitting, doubling or taking insurance effectively taking your advantage of options from you.
  • Do not assume that the hole card (the dealer's card that's left face down) is of 10 points. Actual mathematical likelihood is under 1/2 so such assumption is pointless
  • Do not play "stand on 12" or "never bust", as it gives a tremendous advantage to the house while giving you an illusion that you are safe and could win whenever the dealer busts

The second evil is people who sell "strategies" in form of "strategy guides", offering them on eBay and by mail order. Prices vary from $5 to $10,000. These are worthless and usually describe one or more strategies we write about here. Paying for information that is freely available on the Internet along with insightful and scientific comment on its real effectiveness is worthless. The "strategy sellers" are practically scammers who often go as low as resorting to spamming to promote their fictional "product".