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The Blackjack Switch Variation

Blackjack Switch is a blackjack variant which is mainly played at online casinos such as the ones listed here on Lucky Blackjack. In this variation a new cards move is playable - a move which was once considered to be cheating. the switch of two top cards while playing two hands. The house deals the players two hands and the player can bet on both of them and at any given moment players can swap the top two cards. This grants players the opportunity to manipulate the odds for their favour.

For example if a player receives 2/9 and A/4 hands he can switch the 9 with the 4 thus having A/9 hand (19) and 2/4 hand (6). Though this is a large advantage, the casino has its ways to increase the house edge.

The greatest advantage the house receives in the Blackjack Switch variation is the fact that the dealer can reach a total hand of 22 without busting. A dealer hand of 22 will tie a player's 21 hand, unless the player has a blackjack. Notice that if you hit 22 you still bust. Blackjack pays a ratio of 1 to 1 and players will always lose on push.

Apart from the rules mentioned above, the rest of the Blackjack switch rules are the same as in regular blackjack. Switch is played with six decks, which are shuffled after every round; dealer hits on soft 17, players may double at any time and so on (For a better understanding of the rules, see our blackjack switch rules).

Notice that in Switch there is a Super Match side bet, which is not affected by the player's initial bets. This bet is put before any cards are dealt. If a player has a pair than the Super Match would pay him 1:1, 5:1 for a strip, 8:1 if he receives two pairs and 40:1 for four of a kind. A super match bet is paid only for the first four cards.

Most Blackjack Switch tables have a house edge of 0.02% to 0.2%. This game is advisable for novice players as well as for skilled ones.

David Hunch, Editorial Staff