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Blackjack Tables Are Almost Empty At Point Edward Charity Casino

Blackjack tables at Point Edward Charity Casino have few people. The number of Americans visiting Canada is at its lowest so far. August 17, Thursday, Canada Statistics filed a report stating that Americans only made 6.6 million visits during the first and second quarter of the year.

American tourism has been dropping rapidly according to statistics. Many establishments have felt the changes. Canadian casinos have few customers too.

Point Edward Casino totaled to only $12.1 million, they are down by 18 percent from last years' revenue. Spokesman Don Pister said, "Any of our gaming sites that are on, or close to a border, have been feeling some degree of impact."

Americans impart a major impact on Canadian Casinos. Americans like to play blackjack until morning and would bet until their pockets and wallets are empty. Most of this was bet on blackjack tables. Now that Americans travel less in Canada, blackjack table barely get a share of the revenues anymore.

Point Edward Charity Casino located in Ontario, Canada opens seven days a week. The 23,000 square-foot casino features 450 slots and thirty-seven table games. Blackjack is one of their featured table games. Among the thirty-seven table games, 21 tables are dedicated to blackjack.


Saturday, September 23 , 2006
Tim Arnell