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Blackjack Tables On Hold at Philadelphia Park Casino

On May 8, 2007, the first casino table games in the state of Pennsylvania remain unavailable to gamblers at the Philadelphia Park Casino due to technical irregularities.

The 11 electronic blackjack table games were placed in the Bensalem Casino facility last week and were supposed to be open to the public last week, but were still off-limits to the players that day.

Philadelphia Park Casino CEO and President, David Jonas, commented that they are still awaiting the arrival of the regulators in Harrisburg to make sure that the monitoring network of the Blackjack tables is correctly placed.

According to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, it is vital for them to maintain the necessary connection to the Blackjack tables, aside from all the slot machines and casino table games in the state. The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board said that the problems came during their final on site inspection.

There is a hitch regarding the communication between the electronic blackjack tables and the central control computer system. Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board spokesman, Doug Harbach, said that the board would not allow the use of any casino table game that is not functioning properly, no matter how little the problem is.

Harbach said that there is no exact date for the opening of the electronic blackjack game tables. As long as there is still a problem on the machines, they will not be opened to the public. Each of the electronic blackjack tables cost around $100,000.

The Philadelphia Park Casino is hoping that they will offer roulette, 3 card poker and let it ride games in the near future. The game exploited a loophole in the law barring casino table games. Technically, the electronic blackjack were able to exploit this loophole because they are not casino table games. Each of the electronic blackjack tables also includes a virtual dealer on a plasma screen TV.

The virtual dealer could give a card hand to each of the 5 players at the table electronically, but the players still need to play against the dealer individually.


Sunday, May 20 , 2007
Tim Arnell