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Trioplay Betting System for Blackjack

Trioplay is a positive progressive betting system used for managing bets in blackjack play. A positive progressive betting system means you increase your bets when you win, and decrease your bets when you lose. Since it is a commercial system, this means you pay to download the manual from a website for $30 and promise not to divulge the "secrets" to anyone else.

Is Trioplay superior to other "free" progressive systems, such as the parlay or paroli?

The short answer is no. Anyone can take an existing betting system and make a few changes and claim to have invented something new, and then charge money for it.



Editor's note:

There is no magic way to win. Trioplay is one of many commercial systems. While you may find success with any system, most of the comments from users don’t sound too happy. If the authors of a betting system found a reliable way to make money at blackjack, why would they need to charge money to share it?

Andrew Sanders - Managing Editor