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Blackjack Tutorial Offered for Couples This Valentine's Season

As a Valentine's treat, Michael Aponte and David Irvine, co-founders of the Blackjack Institute and former members of the MIT blackjack team, are offering a special blackjack treat for sweethearts.

Starting February 1st all the way to Valentine’s Day, registrants for a $5,000 Blackjack Institute mentoring session may bring a partner to join the fun learning experience for free. The special session will have Aponte or Irvine making a personal appearance at the couple's location anywhere in the United States, to provide them with top training in the game of blackjack. Airfare and accommodation for the instructor is included in the fee.

"You'd be surprised what uniting to accomplish a common goal can do for relationships," Irvine said. "Most people wouldn't normally think of blackjack as an aphrodisiac, but the thrill of winning money and working together using our system to 'bring down the house' really gets the blood pumping. Many of us that played for the MIT Blackjack Club formed strong bonds, and some even developed romantic relationships."

For couples who would rather not spend the amount required for a private tutorial with Aponte or Irvine, more affordable training materials are available at the Blackjack Institute.


Wednesday, February 21 , 2007
Tim Arnell