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The World Series of Blackjack - WSOB

The World Series of Blackjack or WSOB is a television program created by Planet Grande which is a television production company located in Malibu, California, specializing in sophisticated documentaries, series and entertainment specials. The World Series of Blackjack is broadcasted by GSN, the television Network for Games. It is the single US television network devoted to game associated programming.

The collaboration of the two companies has made it possible for the WSOB to become the leading blackjack tournament that lures the most elegant and prestige players from casinos throughout the US. In 13 episodes 40 blackjack players compete for huge stakes and the attractive title of the World Champion of Blackjack.

During the first two season of the World Series of Blackjack players were able to participate only if they were invited and so, the first seasons featured professional blackjack players, expert members and known figures from the industry. But producers felt that they're missing the real thrill with this structure and so they have changed it.

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World Series of Poker Third Season 2006

The WSOB 2006's qualification structure initiated this year made it possible for the general public to win a seat. This means that the general public may be one out of the 40 lucky players that would be granted with the option to be the World Champion of Blackjack. The 2006 series will consist of eight one-hour preliminary rounds followed by two semi-finals and two wild-card shows closing with the final table.

Several top casinos in the US are sending their best blackjack players to Las Vegas in February counting Ute Mountain Casino Hotel in Colorado, Mystic Lake Casino-Hotel located in Minnesota, Lucky Eagle Casino in Washington, Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut and many others.

Rich Cronin, President and CEO of GSN has stated in a recent press release the following: "The World Series of Blackjack will feature the greatest players from qualification contests held at casinos countrywide. The fashionable series, created by Planet Grande, will carry to viewers many hours of thrilling blackjack strategy and accomplishment for its third season one after the other."

For more information about the GSN's World Series of Poker program visit their website. Make sure that your blackjack terminology is polished since you would need to be familiar with all of the blackjack terms in order to fully understand what's going in this exciting program.

By David Hackman, Editorial Staff. 7th of February, 2006.