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Bookmaker Holds 21 Challenge Series Tournament

On April 19th, 2008, Internet casino Bookmaker recently launched the "21" Challenge Series event, a progressive series of Blackjack events which will run for 5 months, finishing in a final event worth $21,000. For the next twenty-one weeks, blackjack players can take part in a progressive challenge event to win free slots and cash through the online casino's real time multiple tournament challenge series.

Participants to the event will be given different chances to win some money but the top prize will be the jackpot of $21,000. Bookmaker will hold Real time weekly events, which will produce three top qualifiers every week. Each participant can earn a seat at the main round every week where they can have the chance to compete for $1,121.00 every Sunday.

The buy-in costs will grow progressively every week, starting from the 1st qualifier for $11, then $33 and $55 as gamblers try to earn slots in the weekly event. The next event will be on April 20th, 2008 for the challenge series event an opportunity to join the $21,000 event in August, according to Ed D'Lyne, the casino manager for bookmaker. With luck and skill, a participant can only spend $11 to have the chance to win the $21,000 jackpot.


Monday, May 05 , 2008
Emma Green