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Bookmaker Hosts 21 Challenge Series

On April 21st, 2008, Internet Casino Bookmaker has launched the "21 Challenge Series", which will be a 5 month blackjack event with a first place cash prize of $21,000. Blackjack players can face-off with each other at the Blackjack able with Bookmaker's Multi-Blackjack tournament event series, appropriately dubbed as "21".

During in a week, players will participate in a series of progressive large-stakes events to win a seat at the final event of the tournament. There will be three preliminary events that will be held each week to grab the opportunity to win more than one thousand dollars to qualify for the main event on August.

A good player with luck can place eleven dollars and win the first place prize of $21,000 in just 21 weeks if they have some 21's on the gaming tables to help them on their cause. Players that loved blackjack but do not have much money at their disposal will really benefit from joining this event that are organized by Bookmaker. Aside from that, players who are not interested to join the blackjack event can choose to play the different casino games that Bookmaker offers.


Wednesday, May 07 , 2008
Kim Watson