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Cantor Casino Debuts Statjack Casino Game

On August 29h, 2008, Internet casino Cantor Casino has just made enjoying blackjack even more enjoyable and fun. If you thoroughly want to play the game of blackjack like a professional, Cantor Casino can help you be one with their Statjack(TM), Cantor Casino's brand new interactive blackjack game. Statjack gives blackjack players especially beginners with comprehensive guidance regarding the best choices that they can make in the game of blackjack and will even count cards for the player and give new ways on how to wager-in order to give players more opportunities to win.

The MD of Cantor Gaming, Manu Gambhir said that they have a lot of advance players at their casino who believe that blackjack is one of the best casino games around. They want to make a new way for their players to enjoy blackjack and that is how Statjack was made. During the development process, they added exciting new wagers that allow players to wager on the hand of the dealer. It has become very popular with new and advance blackjack players alike.

Gambhir said that some of great features of the game include the tutorial feature that highlights appropriate choices based on the basic strategy. Statjack also gives the winning and losing probability for each card hand and can even show what percentage of other players have picked the same options when given the same set of card hands. Statjack also includes the Card Tally option that features how many cards of each value remain on the shoe as well as the ability to wager on the dealer's card hand.


Wednesday, September 17 , 2008
Victor Sanchez