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Cantor Casino Releases the Game of Statjack

On October 20th, 2008, known online casino Cantor Casino has just made enjoying blackjack more fun and education. If you ever wanted to study on how to play the game of blackjack like a poker professional, Cantor Casino can definitely help you with their brand new release blackjack game "Statjack". Statjack gives blackjack players with real-time tutorial on the best picks to make and will even personally count the cards for you and suggest new ways on how to wager properly-all in a worthwhile effort to give blackjack players the opportunity to win more in the game.

Manu Gambhir, the MD of Cantor Gaming said that they have a lot of topnotch players who find the lure of blackjack incomparable and unmatched experience compared with other casino games. They want to make a way for all blackjack enthusiasts to enjoy this same level of excitement and happiness and that is how Statjack was conceptualize.

During the whole conceptualization process, they have added new wager allowing blackjack players to wager on the hand of the blackjack croupier. Gambhir said that these wagers have become very well-liked by VIP's and brand new blackjack players. Gambhir also highlighted the game other advantages like the guidance option which shows the recommended picks primarily based on the basic strategy.

The brand new game also gives the winning and losing probability on each card hand and can even show what exact percentage of other participants have pick the same choice when handed the same cards. Statjack also features the Card Tally option that shows how many of the cards of each worth still remain on the shoe as well as the option to wager on the dealer's card hand.


Wednesday, November 19 , 2008
Kim Watson