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Blackjack Card Counting Detection

Blackjack Card Counting detection is something that all Blackjack players who count have to be wary of. If caught, not only will casinos confiscate the blackjack winnings they will throw the blackjack players out of the casino and possibly ban them.

Even though there is nothing wrong with it casinos see card counting as cheating. Thus they want to do everything they can to weed out blackjack card counters. One of the keys to card counting detection is to closely follow the betting habits of any suspected players.

As card counting requires a certain type of betting strategy, the suspected blackjack player may find it difficult to still follow the card counting strategy while being monitored.

Casinos use extensive surveillance via people on the ground as well as cameras watching everything that is taking place at the blackjack table. To avoid card counter detection, a card counter must also be able to adjust his behavior accordingly.

Casinos will also use electronic equipment to detect card counters to see if the counters are using something which is truly outlawed such as video devices and earpieces.

If caught of card counting, players may be told they have to flat bet from that point on. Flat betting is when the blackjack player doesn’t vary the amount of his bet. The second warning would be being banned from the blackjack table and the third warning is being banned from the casino.

The casinos are serious about card counting detection and will actually teach their dealers and employees about it. They will have card counting and blackjack lessons so they will be able to identify card counters when they come across them.

Kim Watson