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Card Counting Fallacies

In blackjack, nothing is guaranteed. Don’t let yourself be fooled by some charlatan promising “guaranteed results” or “perfect blackjack strategy” because there’s certainly no perfect blackjack betting system. This should be clear to most because if some perfect blackjack betting system existed, then casinos would lose tons of money or would have to change the rules of the game.

What’s not as obvious to most beginning blackjack players is that blackjack card counting is not perfect and even the most skilled card counters lose money and make errors. Don’t think that you can ever guarantee a win in blackjack by card counting or by any other method.

The advantage of card counting is that – when used correctly – it will add to the player’s advantage over the casino in the long run. In the short term and especially when you’re learning to count cards, you’re much more likely to make mistakes and suffer losses.

Even when you become more comfortable with card counting are able to more accurately predict the cards, you’re still not guaranteed a win. Don’t get into an invincible or stubborn mindset that says you will win using card counting techniques.

Just to be clear, there are some negative sides of card counting. The most obvious potential negative consequence of card counting is getting barred from a casino. In every card counter’s career, this is an almost inevitable event.

Novice card counters are more likely to be caught counting cards simply because, having just read the book on how to card count, the novice enters the casino and bets word-for-word (as it were) from the book. Next thing you know, you’re bounced from the casino. Pit bosses are trained to spot card counters and novice card counters are easy picking. Looking natural and being comfortable with card counting will help to avoid detection. Also, opposition betting and flat betting are ways to get around that.

Emma Green