Card Counting System for The Blackjack Game 

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Card Counting System

Of all the games in the casino, without a doubt, blackjack is the one the people like to play the most. It is a game that is based partly on chance and partly on skill. However, there are certain techniques that are used in order to make your chances of winning greater. Such a system is the card counting technique, invented by Ken Uston. This legendary card sharp was the talk of the town in his day, when he used to go from casinos to casino playing blackjack and winning.

So successful was Uston's system that he and his partners amassed hundreds of thousands of dollars in a short time. The card counting system that he developed was fated to change the world of blackjack forever,. This may seem like a bombastic thing to say, but since that day, it has never been the same. Today there are card counters in every casino, but it is not considered a cheating system, and there are many casinos that want it banned, but they cannot and the will not, since Ken Uston himself was freed from suspicion by the FBI. However, he died a short time after from drug abuse.

Written by Jill Salinger 21.06.05