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Casinos Hopeful About Blackjack Movie

The book "Beat the Dealer" accomplished it almost fifty years ago. So have other blackjack references and television shows. The release of the blackjack movie "21" on March 25th, 2008, a movie about an MIT team who used their card counting skills to get the better of the casinos. Nowadays, card counting or even if you are just suspected of using card counting as a means of winning in the game of blackjack-can give you the boot out of the blackjack table. But some blackjack experts commented that casinos should welcome card counters rather than blocking them from the establishment.

Ed Thorp, the author of the 1962 book "Beat the Dealer" commented that casinos will only lose a lot of cash by banning card counters. But this advice will likely fall on deaf ears. The book of Thorp upset casinos in Las Vegas that they have modified the rules of the game. But casinos immediately restored the old rules when blackjack gamblers stopped spending their cash in the blackjack tables.

In the following years, Nevada casinos have received the profits from the books, which motivated players to test their skills at the blackjack table. While casino facilities have lost a lot of cash on good players, they have made more from players that do not know what they do in the table.

Anthony Curtis, a blackjack player and publisher commented that a lot of people buy a blackjack book, only read it in half and then they believe that they can do well in a blackjack game and then they lose in the end. That is why casinos are hopeful that the movie "21" will help them earn more. It is based on the 2002 book "Bringing Down the House" and features the blackjack team from MIT. It stars Kevin Spacey as the Thorp like leader to his students.


Friday, April 04 , 2008
Tim Arnell