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CBS Network Ready to Air Ultimate Blackjack Tour

The introductory run of the 10 episodes of the Ultimate Blackjack Tour is already done, filmed on location at the CBS Television City during November of 2005 at a cost of $1 million-plus.

The first season of the series is played out in a futuristic arena before a live audience. The set was garnished with sponsor's logos, added through post-production digital legerdemain.

The executives of Ultimate Blackjack Tour attempt to appeal to viewers with 'lifestyle' products like automobiles and beer that are popular with the target viewers, males ranging in age from 18-35.

A consultant suggests that they should expand their audience by patronizing female audience as well. As the consultant adds, blackjack is easier to learn than that of the poker game. Ultimate Blackjack will be featuring talented and aggressive female gamers.

Staccato music cues and lighting effects were employed to render an air of drama in its pilot episode. Multiple rounds of play are leapfrogged, then summarize after each commercial break. There will be a "forced elimination" round. That will take a pace that will be similar with the current hit television show, "Deal or No Deal."

The cast of the Ultimate Blackjack Tour will include Oscar-nominated actress Jennifer Tilly. Tilly will be playing with her own money.


Sunday, September 03 , 2006
Kim Watson